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Missing jigsaw piece-style generic image with Join The Team text, used for blog post for Blue Cube's current vacancies

Exciting new roles @ Blue Cube as we continue to blossom!

  • February 16, 2022 /
Missing jigsaw piece-style generic image with Join The Team text, used for blog post for Blue Cube's current vacancies

Our focus on offering the most modern, highest capacity portable temperature solutions to our customers continues to strongly resonate. With proactive support from our parent company Turner Group, we will always look to make strategic additions to our team, when demand requires it.

With all that in mind, we're delighted to be looking for talented, fun-loving people to join Team Blue Cube in the following positions:

1) Business Development Manager-South

Ideally, you will be living below the North/South "border" of the Watford Gap services, such as the Home Counties. The majority of our Southern-based customer partners are in and around London, and the area has been well looked after by existing Blue Cube team members. Please contact our UK Sales Manager Lisa for job spec' and more information.

2) Service Manager-Stafford

Service is at the heart of everything we do at Blue Cube. In what is a brand new position for us, we´re looking for an experienced Service Manager to further optimise the service we offer all customer partners. Please contact our IT & Technical Manager Christopher for more information.

3) Service Engineers-Remote based

Our Service Depot has had a huge positive impact on our business. If you are a Service Engineer with experience in maintaining or repairing the same or similar products to our extensive portfolio, we would love to hear from you!

4) Refrigeration Engineers and Bodywork Specialists-Remote based.

Our Service Depot is a real hive of activity. All appropriate portable temperature controlled units benefit from a tech' and refrigeration upgrade at the end of their rental term. Every unit will also get repaired, including a fresh lick of paint via our specialist spray room facility. Tuxford is just off the A1 Newark, (North Nottinghamshire) so if you live in the North Midlands or South Yorkshire in particular and have the experience, please get in contact with us today.

One of Blue Cube's portable temperature controlled units being craned into position at an undisclosed site in the United Kingdom

How our unique partnerships with UK manufacturers can benefit your business

  • January 24, 2022 /
One of Blue Cube's portable temperature controlled units being craned into position at an undisclosed site in the United Kingdom

Blue Cube is a proactive, ambitious and blossoming company. Nurturing partnerships with both clients and our manufacturing partners are two foundations of our commitment to offering a best-in-class service. In this, our latest blog, we focus on our relationships with our British manufacturing partners. What are the principle benefits this partnership delivers for our customers?

1) Reduces carbon footprint

Carbon footprint is defined by the WWF as:

" the total amount of greenhouse gas released in the production and. consumption of all the goods and services you use."

Given that half of the UK's carbon footprint emissions (2020: 326.1 million tonnes (Mt)) derives from overseas activities, on-shoring manufacturing is a positive step. Naturally, anything "Made in Britain" will utilise a global supply chain but crucially, the design and explicit manufacturing process is carried out in the UK.

Blue Cube only uses UK manufacturers. All have an expertise in the manufacturing of the portable temperature controlled solutions we offer. Why not contact our team if you would like more detailed information about how this can benefit your operation?

2) Engenders closer partnership

Portable temperature controlled units are a specialist solution. This means we are able to focus on a genuine partnership with a defined number of manufacturers. Specifically, this enables us to play an active role in product development. We utilise this to work on optimising the performance across our product portfolio, especially in relation to them becoming ever more energy efficient. The best example of this is our brand new Ultra Range. Please click here if you would like to learn more about this.

3) Optimises lead times

The close relationship we have with our manufacturing partners is pivotal for coordinating production slots for new units to join our portfolio. We are committed to continue to expand this portfolio every year.

4) Benefits economy and national employment

As the world gradually reopens from the stresses of the Covid-19 pandemic, our partnerships supports the country's manufacturing sectors and the employment this generates. Working with these manufacturers also reduces red tape and more broadly ensures that the entire process runs more efficiently.

We would love to hear from you!

How important is supporting UK manufacturers to your business? Please let us know so we continue to align our strategy with our existing and potential customers.

For more information, Social Media is awash with relevant content. Follow Blue Cube on LinkedIn and Twitter in particular. For anyone interested, there is a weekly "Made In Britain Hour" (Thursday 1-2pm GMT/BST) which will help strengthen the understanding of the UK manufacturing sector and its capabilities.

The Blue Cube logo that is on the Stafford HQ office wall

Blue Cube begins the new year with a number of exciting plans!

  • January 7, 2022 /
The Blue Cube logo that is on the Stafford HQ office wall
Team Blue Cube welcomes fresh talent

We have begun 2022 as we mean to continue. We have welcomed a new Business Development Manager, Kayla, to our dynamic and experienced sales team. We have also continued to expand our in-house expertise at our Service Depot, whilst still on the look out for other super talented people to join us. Do you know anyone? Are you the one? Jump onto our LinkedIn page for further details.

What's happening?! 

In the coming months, some significant changes will become apparent. All will only further enhance our service offering to our expanding client list. 

First on the agenda is a brand new website. After an extensive process last autumn, we are thrilled to be working with a leading digital marketing agency and some super talented freelancers. The UK Gig economy is awash with such talent. Their dynamic, specialist skills and proactive mindset are in perfect harmony with our own values. We cannot wait to show you the results-keep your eyes peeled across our active social media channels over the coming months. 

New products?

No successful business stands still. Blue Cube is blossoming. We remain as devoted to offering our clients a best-in-class service. This was one of the driving forces behind the significant investment at our Service Depot last year. The same approach is why we're super excited to be working with our exclusive UK manufacturing partners on some unique products. You will have to wait just a few more months for firm details so follow us across our socials!

Even more support

We made significant inroads last year in supporting our expanding customer base. As we settle into 2022, this support will become ever more apparent. This includes engaging with our UK manufacturing partners, the superb trade associations that represent our industries and the many talented individuals within it, who proactively offer solutions to the many challenges we all have to face.  

We're here to help you!

 Why not contact our team today on 0333 320 26 20 or info@bluecubepcs.co.uk ? We are on hand to respond to any queries or assistance, including our 24/7, 365 day a year National Support Team.  

We wish you all a healthy and successful 2022. 

Team Blue Cube. 

Blue Cube helps other businesses achieve their own sustainability goals.

Going green with Blue Cube has never been easier.

  • December 8, 2021 /
Blue Cube helps other businesses achieve their own sustainability goals.

As many businesses look to become more sustainable in how they operate, this often extends to their supply chain partners' services and practices. In this, our latest blog post, we look at how our extensive portfolio of portable temperature controlled solutions and services can assist any business achieve their own green goals.

Proactively supporting the UK manufacturing sector.

All Blue Cube units will have been built by our UK manufacturing partners. This means that the carbon footprint of these units is significantly reduced. This is especially the case compared to if the units were manufactured outside of the UK. 

Our UK manufacturing partners are also committed to reducing their own environmental impact. They're doing this by increasing the recyclable parts used in the construction of the units they supply us. More recyclable parts means a reduction in landfill, once the units finally reach the end of their lifespan. 

Rent, not purchase.

As our recent "Rental vs Outright Purchase" blog post and accompanying infographic highlighted, our units are mostly rented. With our new Service Depot now fully operational, we can further extend the lifespan of our portfolio, rather than send these to the scrapyard.

Retro-fit upgrades.

Our in-house team of Engineers have the ability to upgrade appropriate units' refrigeration to the latest version. We will do this whenever it is feasible and practical to do so.

With refrigerated units running 24/7, 365 days a year, there has understandably been a real drive for the industry to become more energy efficient.

More specifically, this relates to the so-called Global Warming Potential (GWP.) There are many resources available online that explain what GWP is, including this article. To avoid entering a cul-de-sac of complex technical terminology, wherever feasible, we'll upgrade the refrigeration used with R449a Gas. This has a GWP of 1397, compared to the R404a gas it is replacing, which has a GWP of 3922. The higher the GWP, the less environmentally friendly the unit is. Put succinctly, each time an appropriate retrofitted unit is rehired, their environmental impact is reduced. So accordingly will our customer partners'.

We're here to help you!

To find out more about how we can help your business meet its own objectives, why not contact our team today on 0333 320 26 20 or info@bluecubepcs.co.uk .

Repurposed image of infographic, illustrating the five principle reasons why renting a portable temperature controlled unit is more advantageous than outright purchase for customers

Find out how renting our units helps your business

  • December 3, 2021 /
Infographic from Blue Cube Portable Cold Stores illustrating principle benefits of renting units compared to outright purchase

Here at Blue Cube, we pride ourselves on offering the best solution for our client partners. The vast majority of these benefit from renting any of our portable cold stores, blast and tempering units, for a contract period that works best for their particular needs. 

Here are the principle advantages of renting your unit. 

  • greater flexibility
  • better financial planning 
  • superior quality of products 
  • seamless on-site integration
  •  meet your own sustainability goals.

We have also created this handy infographic that neatly illustrates why rental, rather than outright purchase, is so popular with our partners. 

Our ability to retro-fit and upgrade any previously rented unit at our own Service Depot to the very latest refrigeration and tech' is real asset for our client partners. All work will be carried out by our own experienced team of engineers.

Does outright purchase benefit your business operations better? With the tax incentives currently in place, we're here to guide you through this as well.

Our team is on hand to assist with any queries. Please contact them today on 0333 320 26 20 or drop us a line on info@bluecubepcs.co.uk. We'll be delighted to help.

Portable Blast Unit Blast Freezer from Blue Cube PCS in situ at an external site

Blast Unit portfolio benefits from our Service Depot expertise.

  • November 30, 2021 /
Portable Blast Unit Blast Freezer from Blue Cube PCS in situ at an external site

Our extensive range of blast units, including blast chillers and freezers, will benefit from our in-house expertise based at our new Service Depot. 

Our team of highly qualified refrigeration and service engineers work in perfect synergy with our Head office-based IT experts, ensuring that both the refrigerants and technology used within our portfolio is updated every time a blast unit comes to the end of its rental agreement.

Paint workshop within Tuxford Service Depot, Blue Cube PCS

Coupled with our state-of-the-art Spray Room, this means that our expanding and diverse client partners will always benefit from the very latest energy efficient and technologically advanced units. 

With on-going plans to further optimise our Service Depot, which only became fully operational last summer, the future bodes well for Blue Cube PCS and our customer base.  

Our extensive range of blast units have been designed with our client partners in mind, offering an impressive level of flexibility in configuration. 

Our team is on hand to help: 0333 320 26 20 or info@bluecubepcs.co.uk .

SafeContractor Seal of Approval for Blue Cube PCS.

Exciting times at Blue Cube as we achieve SafeContractor accreditation.

  • November 10, 2021 /
SafeContractor Seal of Approval for Blue Cube PCS.

The Blue Cube PCS team was delighted to receive notification last week that our application to achieve SafeContractor accreditation has been successful. 

SafeContractor is the leading Safe Schemes In Procurement (SSIP) accreditation in the United Kingdom. To achieve the SafeContractor Approved status, we had to prove that all of our policies are compliant with the current Health & Safety legislation. It also illustrates that our internal processes for Health and Safety are best-in-class.

Blue Cube PCS' business requires our team to regularly visit client sites. Our SafeContractor Approved status will provide them with added peace of mind.

The accreditation was completed by our General Manager Will Barber, who comments: 

The process was streamlined and user-friendly. We are delighted to achieve Approved status, which will further strengthen our reputation nationwide."

This successful application comes on the back of an exciting period for Blue Cube PCS. Our team has been strengthening and the brand new Service Depot is now fully operational.

Our team are on hand to help with any queries. Why not contact us today?

Cold Storage Solutions

Brand new Service Depot opens

  • November 2, 2021 /
External image of Blue Cube Portable Cold Stores' Service Depot in Tuxford, near Newark, which became fully operational in the summer of 2021

Brand new Service Depot reinforces customer experience.

We are delighted to announced that our brand new Service Depot is now fully operational. Ideally located minutes away from the A1, the Depot will become our main hub for our in-house engineer teams. 

The state-of-the-art facility marks a significant milestone for our blossoming business. Our Service Depot will allow us to further enhance the customer experience that is pivotal to our company. The facility has its own dedicated paint room, ensuring a consistent finish. In addition, there is a large workshop, fully stocked with the latest equipment, tools and required spare parts. These will allow us to repair and restore any of our portable cold storage units to a consistently exceptionally high standard. All of this work is carried out by our highly skilled, in-house team of engineers. This also helps ensure our service is prompt and transparent.  

With sustainability once again in the spotlight with the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) commencing this week in Glasgow, our own investment in the Service Depot allows us to increase the lifespan of our units, all of which are manufactured exclusively for Blue Cube PCS by our UK supply partners. 

To find out more, contact our team today.

Why should I run a manual defrost?

  • September 23, 2019 /

Why does ice-build up?

Even at set points which are at an ambient temperature, in order to keep temperature regulated and controlled, the temperature at the evaporator is likely to be much colder.

Water particles are present in the air, and so the amount of water present in the unit increases with every door opening. This water when mixed with cold air then creates ice build-up on the units. If there are more door openings then ice is more likely to build up, therefore you are likely to need to run a defrost or tempering cycle more often.

Frozen evaporator coil

How does ice affect the running of the unit?

Ice puts all components in the unit under more pressure and reduces cooling and operational efficiency. Due to the way ice forms, excessive build up can crush the evaporator coil. This means the unit is likely to breakdown, and can cause costly repairs, as well as leading to significant operational down-time.

What should I look out for? How do I look for it?

Although it seems obvious, look for any signs of ice on the unit. The most important places to check are the evaporator coil, this is inside the unit where the cold air comes from. In Blast Freezers this may be above a false ceiling, so please ensure that you use appropriate health and safety procedures to check this area, and don’t cause damage to the false ceiling. Ice can also build up on the floor, or walls of the unit, so ensure you check these areas also.

What should I do to solve the issue?

All of our units run an automatic defrost in their running cycle, however, these automatic defrosts are stopped when doors are opened. If interrupted the efficiency of the automatic defrosts are significantly reduced. This re-concurrence of interruptions over a period of time will eventually render the automatic defrost less efficient. Our units additionally come with manual defrost or tempering cycles which are able to be activated in order to remove this ice-build up.

If any ice is detected then you need to run additional manual defrost or tempering cycles.

Ensure that after the cycle all ice has melted, and the water has completely cleared from the drains. Depending on the amount of ice build-up, it may be necessary to run more than one additional manual defrost or temper for longer in order to clear all the ice and ensure all water has drained away. For very excessive ice, empty the unit and run at at least 8oc and ensure all water drains away.  If all ice and water hasn’t cleared then by running the unit again you are more likely to rebuild ice up again quicker.

We recommend that clients get to know their units, understanding when automatic defrost are run and how long they run for. Keeping a chart on the wall can lend a hand to ensuring that during automatic defrosts the doors aren’t opened. We would also recommend that units are cleared out and a full manual defrosts run once a month.

Daloon thrives from solution driven partnership with Blue Cube

  • August 27, 2019 /

When frozen food producer, Daloon, needed to update their cold storage needs, they were considering numerous companies, and at this time received a call from Blue Cube Portable Cold Stores (PCS) introducing their services.

Lisa, UK Sales manager, explains, “I met with Andy from Daloon and he explained they were looking for a facility to increase capacity and ease product movement on site.

"They were facing challenges with working at heights, and so it was vital to find a solution which resolved this. We’re very transparent as a company and try to work in partnership with our clients rather as suppliers, and so we gave our best cost-effective price on first quotation for a solution that worked for Daloon.”

The cooperative working relationship was a key driver of the decision making process according to Andy Reed, GoodLife Foods Interim Engineering Manager, “I’ve been really happy with how Blue Cube have worked with us to find a solution that fit our business needs. We found the process very straightforward and customer friendly.

“The speed that Blue Cube work at really sets them apart from their competitors. They focused on finding a solution to our particular needs which was cost-effective, and their customer service throughout the entire process was excellent. The relationship with UK Sales Manager, Lisa, has been spot on. Everything I asked of her she delivered on, I couldn’t fault the whole process.

“The units arrived on time and we were given plenty of information to get the best use out of them. I couldn’t fault the service from beginning to end. I’d use Blue Cube again without a shadow of a doubt.”