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Repurposed image of infographic, illustrating the five principle reasons why renting a portable temperature controlled unit is more advantageous than outright purchase for customers

Going green with Blue Cube has never been easier.

  • December 8, 2021 /

Blue Cube helps other businesses achieve their own sustainability goals.

As many businesses seek to become more sustainable in how they operate, this often extends to their supply chain. In this, our latest blog post, we look at how our extensive portfolio of portable temperature controlled solutions assist any businesses achieve their own green goals.

Proactively supporting the UK manufacturing sector.

Any Blue Cube unit will have been built by our manufacturing partners here in the United Kingdom. Whilst it is not feasible to be “100% British,” with global supply chains the norm, our units will have been manufactured in this country. This means that the carbon footprint of these units is significantly reduced, compared to alternatives manufactured outside of the UK.

Our UK manufacturing partners are also committed to reducing their own environmental impact. This increases the recyclable parts used in the construction of the units they supply us. More recyclable parts means a reduction in landfill, once the units finally reach the end of their lifespan.

Rent, not purchase.

As we highlighted in our recent “Rental vs Outright Purchase” blog post and accompanying infographic, the vast majority of our units are rented. With our new Service Depot now fully operational, we can further extend the lifespan of our portfolio.

Retro-fit upgrades.

When any unit is returned from our clients’ sites to the Service Depot, our in-house team of Engineers will upgrade the units’ refrigeration to the latest version. Understandably, given the necessity of these units being run 24/7, 365 days of the year, there has been a real focus across the industry and in legislation on making refrigeration ever more energy efficient.

More specifically, this relates to the so-called Global Warming Potential (GWP). There are many resources available online that explain what GWP is, including this article. To avoid entering a cul-de-sac of complex technical terminology, we are upgrading our units so all run with R449a Gas. This has a GWP of 1282, compared to the R404a gas it is replacing, which has a GWP of 3943. The higher the GWP, the less environmentally friendly the unit is. Put succinctly, each time a retrofitted unit is rehired, their environmental impact is reduced and so accordingly will our customer partners’.

We’re here to help!

To find out more about how we can help your business meet its own objectives, why not contact our team today on 0333 320 26 20 or info@bluecubepcs.co.uk

Repurposed image of infographic, illustrating the five principle reasons why renting a portable temperature controlled unit is more advantageous than outright purchase for customers

What are the benefits of rental over outright purchase?

  • December 3, 2021 /
Infographic from Blue Cube Portable Cold Stores illustrating principle benefits of renting units compared to outright purchase

Here at Blue Cube, we pride ourselves on offering the best solution for our client partners. The vast majority of these benefit from renting any of our portable cold stores, blast and tempering units, for a contract period that works best for their particular needs. 

Here are the principle advantages of renting your unit. 

  • greater flexibility
  • better financial planning 
  • superior quality of products 
  • seamless on-site integration
  •  meet your own sustainability goals.

We have also created this handy infographic that neatly illustrates why rental, rather than outright purchase, is so popular with our partners. 

Our ability to retro-fit and upgrade any previously rented unit at our own Service Depot to the very latest refrigeration and tech' is real asset for our client partners. All work will be carried out by our own experienced team of engineers.

If outright purchase better suits your business, we will work with you and our UK manufacturing partners to provide the most viable option for you.

Our team is on hand to assist with any queries. Please contact them today on 0333 320 26 20 or drop us a line on info@bluecubepcs.co.uk. We'll be delighted to help.

Portable Blast Unit Blast Freezer from Blue Cube PCS in situ at an external site

Blast Unit portfolio benefits from our Service Depot expertise.

  • November 30, 2021 /
Portable Blast Unit Blast Freezer from Blue Cube PCS in situ at an external site

Our extensive range of blast units, including blast chillers and freezers, will benefit from our in-house expertise based at our new Service Depot. 

Our team of highly qualified refrigeration and service engineers work in perfect synergy with our Head office-based IT experts, ensuring that both the refrigerants and technology used within our portfolio is updated every time a blast unit comes to the end of its rental agreement.

Paint workshop within Tuxford Service Depot, Blue Cube PCS

Coupled with our state-of-the-art Spray Room, this means that our expanding and diverse client partners will always benefit from the very latest energy efficient and technologically advanced units. 

With on-going plans to further optimise our Service Depot, which only became fully operational last summer, the future bodes well for Blue Cube PCS and our customer base.  

Our extensive range of blast units have been designed with our client partners in mind, offering an impressive level of flexibility in configuration. 

Our team is on hand to help: 0333 320 26 20 or info@bluecubepcs.co.uk .

SafeContractor Seal of Approval for Blue Cube PCS.

Blue Cube PCS achieves SafeContractor accreditation

  • November 10, 2021 /
SafeContractor Seal of Approval for Blue Cube PCS.

The Blue Cube PCS team was delighted to receive notification last week that our application to achieve SafeContractor accreditation has been successful. 

SafeContractor is the leading Safe Schemes In Procurement (SSIP) accreditation in the United Kingdom. To achieve the SafeContractor Approved status, we had to prove that all of our policies are compliant with the current Health & Safety legislation. It also illustrates that our internal processes for Health and Safety are best-in-class.

As the nature of the Blue Cube PCS business requires our team to regularly visit client sites, our SafeContractor Approved status will provide them with added peace of mind.

The accreditation was completed by our General Manager Will Barber, who comments: 

The process was streamlined and user-friendly. We are delighted to achieve Approved status, which will further strengthen our reputation nationwide."

This successful application comes on the back of an exciting period for Blue Cube PCS, with our team strengthening and the brand new Service Depot becoming fully operational.

Our team are on hand to help with any queries. Contact them today here.

External image of Blue Cube Portable Cold Stores' Service Depot in Tuxford, near Newark, which became fully operational in the summer of 2021

Brand new Service Depot opens

  • November 2, 2021 /

External image of Blue Cube Portable Cold Stores' Service Depot in Tuxford, near Newark, which became fully operational in the summer of 2021

Brand new Service Depot reinforces customer experience.

After many months of planning, countless coffees, a certain global pandemic to navigate and a healthy dollop of sheer determination, our brand new Service Depot in Tuxford, near Newark, Nottinghamshire, is now fully operational. 

The state-of-the-art facility marks a significant milestone for our blossoming business, as it will allow us to further enhance the customer experience that is pivotal to our company. The facility has its own dedicated paint room, ensuring a consistent finish. In addition, there is a large workshop, fully stocked with the latest equipment , tools and required spare parts, which will allow us to repair and restore any of our portable cold storage units to a consistently exceptionally high standard, all the while optimising the time spent on doing so. All of this work is carried out by our highly skilled, in-house team of engineers, which also helps ensure our service is prompt and transparent.  

With sustainability once again in the spotlight with the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) commencing this week in Glasgow, our own investment in the Service Depot allows us to increase the lifespan of our units, all of which are manufactured exclusively for Blue Cube PCS by our UK supply partners. 

To find out more, contact our team today.