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Vegan product and meat producer brought together with new production facility

  • July 12, 2019 /

When a vegan mince producer’s demand meant they needed to expand their production facility, the last place you would expect they would look would be a meat producer. But this is exactly what Jay Croslegh from Hooba Foods did, by contacting Holmesterne Farm Co Limited, who have more than 25 years of butchery based production knowledge.

Jay, explains, “Hooba Foods started as a small project but we very quickly outgrew our production facility with interest from the food service industry initially. There’s a lot of demand in the market now for vegan products, it’s a growing trend and it’s going to keep growing; so we’ve decided to outsource manufacturing.

“Hooba is effectively a vegan mince, so can be used in all the same ways a traditional meat mince can be. It made sense to link with a meat producer as they have the skill set to make meat products like burgers and sausage”.

Although to some it may have seemed an unusual move to seek out a meat producer, Jay feels it was a logical step. He continues, “Our ethos isn’t to say you can’t eat meat. The meat-free market is rapidly growing, but the majority of consumers are still meat eaters, so it’s a small part of the market compared to meat eaters.

“Our main audience are actually meat eaters, because we can offer similar products like sausages and burgers. If you want to just lose a bit of weight, our sausages have less than half the calories of standard sausage, so there’s health and environmental reasons for making some alternative options.

“We’d rather educate about the benefits of a plant based diet rather than opposing ourselves to a large meat eating population and this trend is growing.

 “We met the team at Holmesterne a year ago. They’d seen the start of this movement for less meat and understood it, and understood the potential in it, as a meat manufacturer they could either ignore it, or embrace it.

 “One of the things we had to be very conscious of, when getting involved with a meat manufacturer, is making sure there’s no danger of there being a cross contamination of meat getting into our product.”

This was the challenge for Mark Breeze, Head of Technical at Holmesterne, who, as part of taking on a new product line, needed to try and integrate a new separate production line to their site.

“We’re a compact site and so then had to find a design solution for our current set-up that allowed for the both operations to run smoothly. We’ve worked in meat for years, but saw the trend towards meat-reduced diets and when the opportunity came up to work with Hooba Foods to create meat-free items, we knew it was a great opportunity to widen our offering but still using our expert set of skills.

“It was obvious that we needed additional Cold Storage and Blast Freezing facilities, but it was a brand new product range for us, and held a risk in taking a large financial commitment upfront.

“So we decided to work with Blue Cube PCS to design and provide a solution that worked for us. Blue Cube had already offered us great products, efficiency savings, and service for our meat products, so why would we not approach them again? This meant we could have a completely bespoke solution which was able to be on a rental basis, so meant we avoided the same levels of financial risk.

“It was imperative to have separate solutions for meat and non-meat products whilst still ensuring we’re being as efficient as possible with the challenge of staying within our current site. Lisa at Blue Cube PCS worked with us to design an innovative solution for our needs.”

Lisa Rowbotham, UK Sales Manager at Blue Cube PCS, has 10 years of experience within the cold storage and blast freezing industry, and so immediately started thinking of an innovative design which would meet both customers’ needs.

She explains, “The most important thing was to make sure the solution was going to provide complete segregation from both meat and meat free products. We created and built a tailor-made design which meant workers had a separate changing area, production line, and blanch room. In addition, at the single loading bay area we designed a door which seals each section off from one another when it’s moved.”

“Our units now help throughout the entire production line, from keeping the raw materials cool in composition to blast freezing the end product.

“Our fully linked integrated units look as though they’ve always been there, as they join the main building, effectively doubling their existing production facility. We are very pleased we have been able to design and deliver such a great solution for Holmesterne and Hooba Foods.”

The new facility has now meant the future is looking very positive for Holmesterne and Hooba Foods.

Jay from Hooba Foods continues, “With the use of the expanded production facility and added expertise, we’re looking at a whole range of products now. We do a sausage roll, we’ve presented vegan pork pies, and we’re even looking at vegan scotch eggs. The versatility of this product means that with Holmesterne’s support anything that is mince based we can replicate.

“This summer we’re going to have BBQ products, alongside burgers and sausages, including hot dogs, grilled steaks, kebabs. We’re even looking at diced chicken replacement, or diced beef or pork replacements. We’ve also been approached by a large pizza manufacturer to make a pizza topping.

“There is a drive in the market for these types of products, and so if we can work with the likes of Blue Cube to facilitate the right production solutions, and Holmesterne to develop products to match what the customer wants, utilising the skill sets from the meat industry, it’s something we can do together and drive forward. Together we make a very effective partnership.”

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Portable Blast Freezer from Blue Cube PCS being positioned by a Crane on a site of a customer


  • April 11, 2018 /

Leading food manufacturing company chooses new generation blast freezer units to double frozen and chilled capacity whilst reducing running costs.

Holmesterne Foods – has recently installed four portable units from Blue Cube Portable Cold Stores at two of its manufacturing sites in North Yorkshire.  The £17 million turnover company chose Blue Cube for their innovation in refrigeration technology.

Holmesterne is a leading food manufacturing company with a focus on supplying only the finest food products to partner customers in Retail, Manufacturing and Food Service.  Their award winning product range includes both raw and cooked meats and vegetables, plus a huge variety of ingredients for prepared meals.

Blue Cube – one of the UK’s leading providers of rental temperature controlled storage solutions for the food and logistics industries – has supplied three new generation portable blast freezer units which have doubled freezing capacity at Holmesterne Foods Leeming Bar and Brompton sites.  In addition a 22-pallet portable cold store was supplied which will operate at frozen to store newly developed products.

Shaun Bedford, Head of Operations at Holmesterne comments: “The units from Blue Cube have not only doubled our freezer and chiller capacity but have also future-proofed the Leeming Bar and Brompton sites”.

“We changed supplier to Blue Cube as their offering meant adding 70 pallet spaces to our blast freezing facility whilst reducing operating costs through more efficient equipment” Shaun concludes.

Holmesterne and Blue Cube are continuing to work closely together to further improve capacity and processes at the two sites.

A highly successful, privately owned food company, established since 1986 and operating from two manufacturing plants based in North Yorkshire, Holmesterne Foods has grown and flourished by offering innovative value-added meat and vegetable products to Retailers, Manufacturers and Food Service customers.

Blue Cube’s portable blast freezers are available in 19, 23 and 28 pallet capacities. The units can operate as blast freezers, blast chillers and tempering units and can be ground based or elevated to a loading dock.

The latest generation refrigeration systems ensure greater efficiencies and lower operating costs for customers.  Plus LED lighting provides up to 300 lux of light meeting the standard required for loading and unloading.

Each portable blast unit is fitted with impact bars, lockable doors and locking door bars whilst emergency lighting, externally mounted audible and visible man trap and temperature alarms provide all the necessary safety features.

In addition, side doors, ramps, dock level platforms and racking are available as optional features. The units can be linked to either a building or each other in order to help improve workflow.

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Note to editors:

Established in 2009, Staffordshire-based Blue Cube offers a wide range of technologically advanced, eco-friendly temperature controlled storage solutions including blast freezers, blast chillers, portable cold stores and tempering units. The company provides both standard and bespoke rental systems to suit individual performance and budgetary requirements.

Understanding that flexibility is key, Blue Cube is able to link its portable units to a customer’s existing facility to provide additional production or storage space, and fill unused or odd shaped areas. As well as rental, the company offers lease to buy options and ex-fleet units for purchase.

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