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Significant market research and product development enables us to provide modern, eco-friendly, temperature controlled solutions. Blast freezing, tempering or cold storage, Blue Cube’s offering is the most efficient in the market, reducing operational costs, whilst delivering positive results to your business.

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UK Designed & Manufactured
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Eco-Friendly Products
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Advanced Live Diagnostics
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Superior Product Performance

Storage and Distribution

Proud members of the Cold Chain Federation, Blue Cube’s eco-friendly, UK built portfolio of portable blast units and holding stores continues to resonate with this essential sector.

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Increase your production capacity
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Slash your energy bills
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Rental terms that work for you
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Advanced diagnostics

Proud members of the Cold Chain Federation, Blue Cube’s ever expanding portfolio of portable blast and temperature controlled units are perfect for any storage and distribution business. Customers benefit from a reduction in operational costs; higher capacity and an extensive range of options, all of which can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of your business.

Our portable blast and temperature controlled units can also be supplied as either single or linked solutions. This enables cross-docking. This ensures you maintain the integrity of the cold chain throughout your operation. Best of all, our remote access data management system allows you to dial in to review data, diagnose issues, and prove temperature ranges to your own client, for standard reviews and audits.

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Flexible configurations
A configuration in tune with your business’ operations
Every business operation has its own specific challenges and requirements. That is why we offer flexible configurations that sync perfectly with your site.
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Best performing Blast Freezers
Enhance your business’ operations

Blast Freezing is essential in the Storage and Distribution industry. Our latest units reach temperature quicker than any alternatives, helping your operation become even more efficient.

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Data management systems
The most advanced telemetry system on the market

Our internally developed telemetry system has been designed to be super intuitive. Remote access management ensures all the data and analysis you will ever require is just a click away, where ever you are.

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Reduce your carbon footprint
We help customers reduce their environmental impact

All new and appropriate upgraded units use the R449A refrigerant, which reduces the Global Warming Potential by 53% compared to the previous R404a.

Introducing our Ultra Range!

Exclusive to Blue Cube, the Ultra range of Smart Hybrid blast units and holding stores.

Increase your production capacity by at least 33%, reduce your energy bills and take advantage of inclusive access to the most advanced remote telemetry system currently available. Our Ultra Range is available to transform your business’ operations today.

Row of Ultra Holding Stores at a Blue Cube customer site, summer 2022

Here’s what our customers say:

Partnership is very important for us as a business. We like to work with people we can develop partnerships with. We enjoy a very good working partnership with Blue Cube, right through from Sales to after sales support and service. I would say Blue Cube are probably the best in the industry.”


Site Director

Blue Cube’s systems offered the highest energy efficiencies and best value proposition for us and our customers. We also liked the more personal service approach we receive from them. The service from Blue Cube has been very good.”


Engineering & Procurement Director

Thanks to all of the Blue Cube team for working tirelessly, identifying and overcoming any obstacles. This ensured that the installation was a success. We’re looking forward to working with Blue Cube again in the future.”


Director of Manufacturing

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All our engineers are F-GAS Certificated
Ensuring the highest possible standards of service
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Member of the Cold Chain Federation
Leading The UK’s Temperature-Controlled Logistics Industry
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Safe Contractor Approved
You’re in Safe hands