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Significant market research and product development enables us to provide modern, eco-friendly, temperature controlled solutions. Blast freezing, tempering or cold storage, Blue Cube’s offering is the most efficient in the market, reducing operational costs, whilst delivering positive results to your business.

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October 31, 2017 | Posted in News

Blue Cube Portable Cold Store's MD, Steve Blakemore, highlights how you can better manage cash flow by renting temperature controlled storage solutions

In today’s tough economic climate many food, logistics and pharmaceutical businesses are unable to justify investing capital in asset purchases such as portable temperature controlled storage solutions.

As a result, progressive companies are recognising the cost and operational benefits of renting portable cold stores or blast freezers to expand stockholding capacity or even just provide extra production space.

With no upfront costs, long or short term rental is a cost effective way of ensuring production is geared for seasonal fluctuations in demand or to facilitate the execution of a specific project requirement like a new product launch or plant renovation.

It is a sound financial decision aimed at minimising impact on the bottom line and ensuring valuable cash flow is available for other investments across the business.

The advantages of renting a cold store or blast freezer are numerous including:

  • Flexible monthly payments to suit business needs without major financial commitment
  • A higher specification unit can be rented leading to significant efficiency and performance benefits
  • Simplified budgeting and more accurate forecast of operating costs with 24-hour, 365-day comprehensive breakdown cover, maintenance and annual servicing included for the entire hire period
  • Fixed price monitoring where most costs remain the same for entire hire period
  • Free up valuable cash flow / working capital for investment in other vital areas of the business
  • Short-term rental of high performance yet energy efficient temperature controlled portable storage solutions are a more viable option for coping with seasonal fluctuations
  • Quickly extend operations for a temporary period or improve existing facilities without a substantial capital investment
  • Rental at a fixed monthly rate ensures a consistent cash flow often at crucial times of the year
  • Lack of storage or production space can often be a barrier to growth during busy trading periods so installing rental portable solutions that can be utilised in a short time frame is real advantage for many businesses
  • Extend rental contract period if required or just send the unit back once the term has finished

So, perhaps it is time to follow the advice of billionaire oil tycoon J Paul Getty who said: “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.”

For further information on Blue Cube’s competitive rental packages visit https://www.bluecubepcs.co.uk/lease/


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