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Significant market research and product development enables us to provide modern, eco-friendly, temperature controlled solutions. Blast freezing, tempering or cold storage, Blue Cube’s offering is the most efficient in the market, reducing operational costs, whilst delivering positive results to your business.

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Portable Blast Freezers

All our portable blast units freeze, chill and temper in the same unit, helping your business to run even more efficiently.

Blast Freezers
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Freeze hold capability
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Live diagnostics
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Low operating costs

Maximise your capacity

Our extensive range of portable blast units uniquely have a three pallet width. Combined with the option to link multiple units together, this allows for a much more optimised and efficient use of internal capacity. Our blast units are multi talented as well, blast freezing, blast chilling and tempering all within the same unit. This not only provides our customers with greater flexibility, it helps businesses run even more efficiently.

An on-going commitment to upgrade the tech’ and refrigerants

At our Tuxford site, we have an expert team of fully qualified specialist bodywork and refrigeration engineers who repair and upgrade both the technology and refrigerants on all appropriate units. Find out more about our Tuxford site on its dedicated page.

Rental terms that work for you

The vast majority of our customers benefit from renting their preferred units from us. Why not download our handy infographic to explore the principle benefits renting can provide your own business?  Key to our success is our willingness to be flexible, in terms of contract length and additional support. Find out more here.

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Other Products

Ultra Holding Unit exclusive to Blue Cube.

Ultra Holding Stores

Exclusive to Blue Cube, our Ultra Holding Stores are up to four times more energy efficient compared to existing alternatives.

Cold Storage Facilities Installation Van

Bespoke Builds

Our expert team work collaboratively with all parties to bring your bespoke build to life.

Cold Store

Cold Store and Tempering Units

All units have a Global Warming Potential (GWP) 53% lower, benefiting from our on-going commitment to upgrading R404a refrigerant to super efficient R449a.


Smart Hybrid Blast Units

Our exclusive Ultra Smart Hybrid range of portable blast units set the new standard for affordable, eco-friendly solutions perfect for any industry.

Our values underline everything we do at Blue Cube:

Quality Driven
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All our engineers are F-GAS Certificated
Ensuring the highest possible standards of service
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Member of the Cold Chain Federation
Leading The Uk's Temperature-Controlled Logistics Industry
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