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Christmas planning-in summer?

August 1, 2017 | Posted in News

Make it a Blue Cube Christmas

Summer is in full swing with long hot days, balmy evenings, school holidays and supermarket shelves still packed with barbecue ranges.

However, food manufacturers, processors and packers are starting to brace themselves for the festive season when getting the right products to the right place at the right time is never more critical. With the peak season now starting in September, food companies should be gearing up their production facilities for the busy ‘revenue boosting’ Christmas period.

There’s no doubt that the festive season seems to start earlier and earlier every year and one of the key areas requiring detailed forecasting is the amount of space required for storage and production activities. Businesses need to accurately assess whether they have the capacity to be able to deliver extremely high volumes of food products in record time.

With space at a premium, many of today’s food plants are already bursting at the seams. As a result, this makes the short-term rental of high performance yet energy efficient temperature controlled portable storage solutions an increasingly viable option for coping with seasonal fluctuations.

It allows operations to be quickly extended for a temporary period without a huge capital outlay. Plus cold storage rental at a fixed monthly rate ensures a consistent cash flow at a crucial time of the year.

Portable units can be easily linked to an existing facility to provide additional production or storage space, fill unused and odd-shaped areas and add value by supporting sales growth.

Acting just like a permanent cold store or blast freezer but without the need for planning permission, portable temperature controlled storage solutions can also be easily uninstalled or even relocated to another area.

Lack of storage or production space can often be a barrier to growth during busy trading periods so installing portable solutions that can be utilised in a short time frame can be a real advantage for many businesses.

Portable cold stores are available a range of formats, standard to high roof options and built for internal or external use. They can sit on the ground or be elevated to meet existing loading docks. Portable storage units can be standalone, linked together to create a much larger footprint or even attached to a building.

There is no doubt that the food manufacturers that fare best in the Christmas period are the ones that start planning early and make the changes required to ensure their operations can cope with the huge demand over the festive season.


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