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Significant market research and product development enables us to provide modern, eco-friendly, temperature controlled solutions. Blast freezing, tempering or cold storage, Blue Cube’s offering is the most efficient in the market, reducing operational costs, whilst delivering positive results to your business.

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It’s all in the positive data.

June 9, 2022 | Posted in News
Green shoots rising from UK money/Pound Sterling to illustrate the savings any business can expect when they replace existing portable blast units or holding units with Blue Cube's Ultra Range

A new dawn of transparency.

Transparency: a key value of Blue Cube and something we are proudly synonymous with providing all customers with. Transparency includes offering customers the opportunity to "test drive" our new units, allowing them to put these through their paces in a real-world environment. Data, run independently from Blue Cube via the customers themselves, is then accrued and verified. This includes by our own in-house tech' experts, who remotely monitor the performance of all applicable units.

Commitment to vigorous trialling pays dividends.

Transparency also means we openly report the findings of these trials. Our brand new Ultra Range, officially launched in spring, went through an 18 month extensive trial period. Performance data was then analysed; allowing Blue Cube to accurately report areas of improvement to our UK manufacturer partners. The result is that at launch, the Ultra Range was already significantly optimised compared to the units initially installed at the beginning of the trial.

Positive, real-world insights into superior performance.

Performance data is constantly being reported, monitored and analysed. As such, we have sufficient data from various customers to provide an accurate insight into the real-world savings our Ultra Range of portable holding stores, in both freezer and chiller application. Both make for impressive reading.

An annual saving of £10,334.86 per unit is very promising. The figure is created by analysing the mean KW/h, over a 24 hour period. The Climate Change Levy is also included. Here's the same comparison but this time with the Ultra Holding Unit set in chiller application.
Real- world data from Blue Cube Customer partners illustrating the energy bill savings of running our Ultra Holding Units compared to existing comparable units.

Combined therefore, savings averaging £8600 per annum can be expected.  Factor in that many businesses operate multi-sites and therefore have multiple units, the reported savings run into the £100,000s every year.

What are your next steps?

We recognise that every business is different and factors including produce, on-site power supply and business location can directly impact the data we use. However, the above data is itself an average from multiple sites, multiple businesses and multiple produce. Therefore, there is a high confidence in the accuracy of these indicative savings.

Exactly what your businesses will save is something we will look in depth into, part of the extensive process we go through with all customers to ensure that the units we provide are fit for purpose.

To find out how much your business could save, why not click on the button below, spark up an informal conversation with the Blue Cube team and collectively, let's explore what savings and other performance-related benefits adopting an Ultra Range holding unit can offer you.

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